Scalable, server-distributed encoding solution for high volume content creation and delivery

With consumer demand for content "anytime, anywhere," the abilities to address the latest digital delivery formats and manage unique bandwidth limitations and codec requirements are essential. And, if you have high volume production requirements, an enterprise-class encoding solution is a critical part of your production workflow. TotalCode Enterprise by Rovi supports multiple digital delivery formats and provides the tools you need to set up an efficient private or public cloud-based production environment. A highly scalable solution, TotalCode Enterprise integrates with existing workflows effortlessly.

Additionally, it supports the video and audio codecs required to provide universal production services for today's range of platforms and devices. With support for automated encoding using watch folders and a variety of input and output options - including cloud and FTP - TotalCode Enterprise is capable of executing advanced, automated workflows that take production efficiency to a new level.

TotalCode Enterprise is an ideal solution for content distributors, post-production facilities, broadcasters (satellite and IPTV), IPTV content studios/portals, uplink centers, mobile TV providers, audio production studios, archive centers, educational establishments, media companies (e.g. digital signage and news agencies), as well as security and medical companies.

Download TotalCode Fact Sheet - Learn more about the TotalCode family of products - premium quality, high volume encoding solutions for post-production, multimedia, broadcast, mobile and IPTV.

Download TotalCode Enterprise Fact Sheet - Learn more about Rovi's Enterprise encoding solution featuring automated server-distributed encoding for a broad range of digital distribution and broadcast formats.

Download TotalCode Professional Fact Sheet - Learn more about Rovi's professional encoding solution for digital distribution, DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Download Total Code Studio Fact Sheet - Learn more about Rovi's comprehensive desktop encoding solution for a broad range of digital distribution and broadcast formats.

TotalCode Features

  • High Volume Server-distributed Encoder: Create extremely efficient high volume encoding workflows that distribute the encoding workload across a private or public network of encoding servers.
  • Broad Format and Device Support: Deliver encoded files using popular multiplexed container formats required by current entertainment devices, including Rovi-powered entertainment stores and DivX®-certified devices.
  • Scalable Encoding Platform: Increase your encoding capabilities by scaling your systems to use a virtually limitless number of encoding servers (the more servers employed, the higher the number of streams that can be processed in a given time).
  • Cloud Server and Storage Support: Quickly and easily scale your TotalCode Enterprise system by utilizing private and public cloud servers and storage for encoding tasks, and as input and output locations.
  • Advanced System Administration Toolset: Easily manage job distribution and prioritization, as well as server dedication and user administration. Administrators can aggregate and specify servers for certain encoding tasks submitted by particular users to help complete high priority jobs ahead of lower priority projects.
  • Flexible Client-side Operation Controls: Access the power of TotalCode Enterprise using a web client or command line interface. Or alternately, integrate into your own internet-based application using the TotalCode Enterprise API.
  • Extensive Integration and Customization Capabilities: TotalCode Enterprise is based on the flexible SOAP platform enabling easy integration with common development environments, including Java, .NET and C++.
  • Comprehensive Video Codec Support: TotalCode Enterprise supports a wide range of video codecs, including H.264/AVC (up to 10-bit Intra Class), CUDA H.264/AVC, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4 Part 2, VC-1, JPEG2000, DivX and DivX Plus.
  • Professional Audio Codec Support: TotalCode Enterprise supports popular audio codecs, such as Dolby® Digital, AAC, PCM and Windows Media Audio.
  • Extensive Codec and Format Preset Database: TotalCode Enterprise includes an extensive library of ready-to-use profiles containing settings for specific encode and output formats, saving you time and ensuring you deliver compliant files without playback problems.
  • TotalCode Preset Exchange: Quickly share encoding presets with all other TotalCode products to help ensure your encodes conform to established standards across your encoding systems.
  • Built-in Video Processing: Help ensure your encodes conform to specific parameters by applying a range of pre-processing options to source files, including image flipping, cropping, brightness, contrast, gamma, de-interlace and timecode insertion.
  • Multi-platform Operating System Support: With support for popular operating systems - Windows, Mac, and Linux - TotalCode Enterprise can integrate into almost any production environment.