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The Galaxy® Aurora is a purpose-built RAID 6 direct-attach or SAN appliance that is a natural addition to Rorke’s open architecture philosophy. 

Aurora's high speed performance uses patent-pending EOS technology built around our multi-thread RAID 6 algorithm which takes advantage of high performance multi-core CPU processors. 

Aurora‘s latest advanced features include major improvements to view and analyze performance. Graphs show the Aurora’s RAID usage, and data rate charts can be viewed per host/user. Internal pre-emptive failure information is gathered using SMARTS on each RAID disk drive and is also viewable. Other analysis tools graphically show marginally slow performing disk drives based on the read/write times so they can be replaced and improve RAID bandwidth performance.

Aurora’s adaptable design integrates with the latest hardware options such as processors, network connectivity and solid state drives. Using industry standard server components allows Aurora to “leap-frog” other manufacturers’ RAID roadmaps and eliminates the bottleneck of traditional hardware ASICs.

  • 12 or 24 bay models with up to 8 client connections using 8Gb Fibre
  • Optionally used as 40Gb Infiniband storage in cloud clusters
  • 8 client SAN usage without expensive fibre switch
  • 750MB/s to 2300MB/s sustained performance at RAID 6
  • 6x faster rebuild than traditional hardware RAID controllers while maintaining peak performance
  • Direct-attached or SAN appliance
  • Compatible with HyperFS, StorNext, Xsan, MetaSAN and FibreJet
  • Unprecedented Management Tools monitoring status and troubleshooting, tracing I/O commands
  • Graphing real-time bandwidth and uncovering poor performing drives in the RAID
  • Unique feature sets designed for the M&E market 

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