SPACE is a high performance central storage system optimised for digital content creation and designed to work with any mix of Mac, Windows or Linux clients.

SPACE is safe, fast and cost effective, making it the perfect solution to the ever increasing need for capacious, fast and safe data storage. By using standard Ethernet connectivity, in many cases, Space is easy to install without the need for new cabling or client adaptor cards.

SPACE builds upon the Mini/Midi SPACE by offering increased capacity and performance by the use of 16 rather than 8 drives which makes it ideal for larger workgroups. It also offers redundant removable PSUs as standard, has a rack mount form factor. SPACE expands through the use of SPACE EX expansion units which allow capacity and performance to be vastly increased.

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Key features

  • Supports 40 streams of DV, HDV, or DVCPro50 (80 with the addition of extra RAID card and a SPACE EX)
  • Supports 12 streams of uncompressed SD, DNxHD 220/220x, ProRes 422(HQ) or DVCPro HD (24 with addition of an extra RAID card + SPACE EX)
  • Sixteen Hot Swap high performance 3.5” enterprise class drive unit ideal for workgroups
  • RAID 6 operation for ultimate data protection

By default SPACE is fitted with four 1G Ethernet (GbE) ports to which client workstations can be directly connected. However, for best performance with GbE clients we recommend that these GbE ports be channel bonded to a GbE switch, and client workstations connected to the switch. When used with a switch in this fashion these four GbE ports are optimised.

When SPACE is used in conjunction with a SPACE EX greater performance is available than could be derived by using the default four GbE ports. In order to make use of this extra performance for GbE clients we recommend fitting a 10GbE Ethernet card and using 10GbE connection to a GbE switch so that all available performance can be gained from the system.

SPACE has additional expansion slots that allow up to five further cards to be added. These slots can be used to increase the number of GbE clients that are directly connected to SPACE without a switch. Alternatively, they can be used to add up to ten 10GbE ports. These can be used to connect 10GbE client workstations that require greater performance than that offered by a GbE connection either directly or indirectly via a 10GbE switch. The expansion slots can also be used to add additional Raid cards to support more SPACE EX units and increase speed further.

SPACE EX expansion chassis is also available.